6 months ago we were introduced to a guy from Norway called Arman Vestad who was well known in the media as The Norwegian Gun Runner. This was one serious guy, supplying guns and drugs to some of the big heavy hitters in the criminal circles in Norway. Arman was big time.

However this guy did a complete 180 and now he is putting together a program to help criminals enter back into the work force, not by hiding the truth, but by using it as a focus point…a bit like what we have done with our Bad Boys shows.



I hope you enjoy our chat with the Norwegian Gun Runner Arman Vestad. If you want to know more or watch his TedX Talk, then follow the links below.

Arman’s homepage is www.armanv.no

Arman’s Ted X Talk – https://youtu.be/g2kUZjCb8HA