A massive shout out to four amazing Indie Artists that we have added to our playlists on Bad Boys FM. All the tracks from these bands can be heard on our radio channel right here.


Our good friend Fiona Horne is back front an amazing band called Seawitch. If you remember her in Def FX then you won’t be disappointed. Check out the album Amulet and in particular the title track Amulet and another stand out Initiate. Find out more about Seawitch and show them support here – https://www.seawitchtheband.com/


We love this artist, RUNWAY FOR 2! If you want a catchy rock infused with an EDM sound then take a listen to the song It’s a Runway For Two. Fronted by lead singer Alex Malt, we have picked up a few of their tracks. Find out more at http://www.runwayfor2.com/


This next band has picked up a massive following in Australia and you can totally understand why. The Chats are an icon of bogan culture with classic tracks like “Smoko” and “Pub Feed”. Songs that are so bad they are brilliant! Take a listen – https://www.thechatslovebeer.com/


And the last one is a band from Norway called Electric High with a song that we can’t stop listening to. Colorful White Lies is a nod back to the days of 90’s pop rock that would be could be at home in local pub or a stadium. These guys are a standout. Check them out here – https://www.electrichighband.com/
Awesome work to these brilliant new artists on Bad Boys FM!
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