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Greg Nunan and The General Jackson’s

Today on the Bad Boys, the Tinder Swindler Swindled get Swindled a second time and so does an Aussie DJ... What does an Aussie singer...

Free The Nation Music

Free The Nation Music The Bad Boys chat with Ben Mitchell from Free The Nation Music is a special episode that has the discussion most...

Revenge Porn

The Bad Boys get political with the Great Russian boycott  Plus...Good girls gone bad, we put out the podcast challenge And revenge porn... do we even...

2022 Bogan Baby Names

The time is here once again to take a good hard look at what we are calling our bogan kids. Is your new little...

Battleground Melbourne

The Bad Boys chat with documentary film maker Topher Field about his new movie Battlefield Melbourne. They discuss Victoria's 2 year lockdown and the...


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